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Leaving our bubble

Tuesday, one of those gray Tuesdays.

I remember we were sitting in school when the, not so happy, news reached us. “Due to the corona-virus the US has decided to close their borders until April 14 . This means our trip with Gunilla will be delayed”.

The next seconds were followed by a deep sigh. The air was filled with disappointment. You could almost touch the tense atmosphere.

The following weeks were filled by unawareness of what was going to happen. The planned trip from Miami-Öckerö got cancelled. We got sent home from school. We started with online schooling. The virus spread. Companies went bankrupt. More and more people fell ill. At this point I was convinced that a trip with Gunilla no longer was possible.

It was when we got an email from our principal it all changed. In the email we were told a trip to Iceland was planned. Time went by. The trip with Gunilla got closer for each day. On July 27th we met up at the school to get tested for COVID-19. The day went by and the uncertainty was striking. The next day at noon we all got called to the “Pacific Ocean”. Silence. Nervous breathing. After a moment, our captain Hans said it. The thing we all had been wishing for: “Everyone tested negative for the virus”. A cheer filled the whole room. The real journey could now begin.

And a journey it has been. We have crossed the northern pole circle, met the Icelandic president, ridden Viking horses, seen whales, exploring Iceland’s magnificent nature and Shetland’s beautiful landscape. This dazzling trip has been nothing more than incredible. While experiencing some of the world’s most beautiful places I have also come to realize another thing: for the past month we have been living in a bubble were it almost feels like everything is back to normal. On the boat we have classes together, we hang out with each other, we eat together, and we even hug each other. Living in this bubble has given me a pause from what is going on in the real world. A lot of weird things have happened since that gray Tuesday, leaving our bubble will be one of those.

It has been a pleasure, thank you Gunilla.

Alma, Starboard.


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