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Leaving Tanger

What an eventful and emotional day it has been. Today was the day we left Tangier to sail towards Las Palmas, our final stop before we fly home.

Unfortunately since we have been sailing by engine instead of sails the entire trip, we became low on fuel. Before we left we had to fill up the tank. When we saw the numbers going higher and higher on the gas meter we were all wondering what our schools budget really is. After our stop at the gas station we finally left towards Las Palmas, ready for 7 days on the mighty sea.

Every week we practice a safety procedure were we see if all the equipment and lists are up to date and of course so we know where we have to be and what we have to do incase of emergency. When the alarms go off unexpectedly we all hurry up on deck. Today we were told off that we were not dressed appropriately and that we could not run in our flip flops.

After we were excused, we all went back to regular routine. Studying, sleeping and watching Netflix. Couple hours later we hear another fire alarm. We all jumped up, put on our running shoes and ran up on deck. All of us were frightened since we knew this time we’re not practicing. A few minutes pass and our Captain informed us that one of the smoke detectors detected something in a student’s cabin.

That was when the investigation began. Was it just a malfunction? Or was there suspicious smoke without a fire in one of the student’s cabins?

-Sofia Forsman


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