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Life as ill on Gunilla

Today is the day before Christmas Eve and we are still on our way to Madeira. The plan is that we will arrive in Madeira tomorrow and celebrate Christmas on the 25th.

There are many who are sick on the boat. Right now I am in a cabin with four others who also have a fever and cough. On the outside of the door to the cabin is a note with "sick cabin" written. If we are to leave the cabin, we have to wear masks.

It’s difficult to know what time of day it is since there are no windows and the only thing we do is sleep, eat and cough in choir. Today it was stew for dinner and apple pie for a snack. For night snacks, we got burgers served with french fries. The days have started to flow together so it feels very nice that we will hopefully arrive in Madeira tomorrow. There are better places to be sick than here at Gunilla. The constant rocking does not directly help with the mood and appetite.

Now, the plan is to get better in the ”sick cabin” so that we can join the others as usual and not be isolated here. We are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas in Funchal, Madeira.

Filippa, midships


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