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Like a dream

Finally we are out on the sea again and on our way to Barcelona. I think I have had enough of Gibraltar for this time and it is nice knowing that we are heading to a new harbour. Nothing wrong with Gibraltar, it was lovely, but it is such a small town and we have spent five days in it, which means that we have been able to see the whole city multiple times. That is why I am happy to be out sailing again.

Today we in starboard have had watch between four and eight o’clock both in the morning and in the afternoon. The watch in the morning was really nice because the sunrise was extremely beautiful. It colored the whole sky pink and orange. If the sunrise wasn't enough like a dream, I may add that there were dolphins playing around the boat and sea-fire as well. It couldn’t have been more similar to a dream.

Another thing that happened today that you don’t experience everyday is man over board practise. It made us realise the difficulty of being found if you fall off the boat. It just took about a minute before you lost the bouy that was symbolising a head, with your sight. A thing to add is that the sea was completely calm today and it would have gone much faster losing the sight of the head if there were waves.

That was all for me!

Tyra Wigren, starboard watch


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