Öckerö gymnasium

Little Havanna

It’s the second day of our voyage and everyone has already started to settle in the routines.

Everything actually runs very smoothly and effective which results in that every assignment we start working on gets done fast and we are even able to enjoy some free time between the different tasks. Today we received a huge food delivery. Everyone helped with carrying the food from the truck to all the different parts of the ship. I was in the Big Mess trying to figure out in which containers all the beans, oats, cocoa powder and sweet chili sauce should be stored. Something that’s very unique with this trip is that the majority of the crew is vegetarian. Even though some of them still eat fish we are currently 37 people on this ship which don’t eat meat. Since I’m a part of that group it is very nice that vegetables and legumes are in focus this time around.

During the afternoon we did two safety drills where we first had to go down to our cabins. When we heard the fire alarm go off we then had to find the fastest way out without using the main exists which meant we had to climb up the latters trough the emergency exists. After the safety drills our watch, Portside, had free watch and basically everyone took a trolley down town to Little Havanna, which is the cuban part of Miami. About ten of us went to a small Colombian restaurant where we ate Patacones which are round flat pieces of smashed plantains which are then fried. It was really tasty! We also ate Arepas which are fried cornbread with melted cheese inside. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain how delicious that meal was. That description is enough. Tomorrow we are off to Jamaica! We hope for good winds and smooth sailing.

Ebba Berg, Portside


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