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Maintenance, cake and parallel parking

Today was a watch day for the portside watch. Witch was typical since we got our covid tests back today and were allowed to go ashore.

But the day was fun still since we got to do what we all wanted, Maintenance work… Well, it was not that bad, the first thing I got to do was to go all the way up in the main mast to sand down the wooden part to apply a new oil finish. After that I continued with the woodwork on some of the blocks we have onboard. In the afternoon we had the three fika were we got a chocolate cake since it was Ester’s birthday. Since we are on a quite small ship it tends to move a lot along the wharf which grind on the mooring lines quite a lot. With this knowledge and also the knowledge of stronger winds coming in the decision to warp to a key with more wind cover was made. I was too busy preparing the heaving lines so I did not notice how tight of at fit the new key was until de second officer said to the captain that there was 40 centimeters left in the aft. But we made in none the less.

Felix Berg, Portside


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