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Making the most

Few of us had ever been in the country before. But it turned out to be quite a happy surprise.

Today it was Starboard's turn to have watch, while the other two watches were off at different places in Reykjavik. For Island I guess it was a quite sunny and warm day.

Because it really didn’t happen anything special onboard today. We just painted some and did some small jobs. And of course cleaned the boat. I instead thought I would tell you at home a little bit about what we have thought of Reykjavik so far. None of us did really have any expectations of the city, few of us had even been in the country before. But it turned out to be quite a happy surprise. There is plenty of restaurants and small cafes, the streets are also quite alive. I expected them to be empty and grey, but there are a lot of people outside. Sitting at different cafes and squares. The city itself is hard to describe. It feels a bit like a small village were somebody decided, lets build an entire city here. Small old houses are mixed in with apartment complexes and offices. The harbour is located close to the city centre, or at least what we think is the centre.

Tomorrow will be a little more exciting day. Tomorrow were going to the golden circle. A route of different tourist attraction like waterfalls. What else I don’t really know but we are all were excited for the next couple of days. We are really trying to make the most out of this city.

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