Öckerö gymnasium

May 27

Today I had a day off and was around the wonderful city here in Saint Malo France, we started the day with a quick lesson on anchoring and how to use the anchor game. This lesson only applied to us sailors but it was interesting and you learned a lot. After the anchoring lesson, we rested and then got ready and started moving towards saint malo.

When we left the boat we decided to go to the old town which is very close to Gunilla to find a nice cafe to have coffee and eat a good sandwich with a coffee.

After we had had a morning coffee in the old town, we had already seen in the morning that there was an ongoing boat show opposite Gunilla in the harbor where we stand as we had already peeked in a bit from Gunilla. We finally decided to go to the boat show and look at the boats they had. We thought it would be like in Sweden that you did not have to pay an entrance fee but it cost SEK 50 for a ticket but we thought it was worth it and there was a good variety of boats that we could check out. After we had spent 2 hours at the fair and the clock struck 3 and finished looking at boats, we moved back to Gunilla for a while to rest for a short while before dinner. After we had finished resting, we moved back towards town to have a good last dinner here in saint malo, considering that we leave tomorrow and continue our journey towards Bremenhavn. We decided to eat pizza at a nice French restaurant which was also located in the old town and we were all very happy with the food and it was very tasty and filling. After we had eaten and the clock struck half past nine we started to go back to the boat but we really had a nice last day here in saint malo

Hans Junior Lindfors Ohlsson


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