Öckerö gymnasium


The very first day of 2024 we laied to ancar at the shore of the Kape verdian town Mindelo.

The whole island is built upp of dark rocy mountils, filled with coulerfull
houses all the way down to the edge of the wather. It seems to be a beautifull island, filled with beckes and beautiful nature, and everione seeem to be very excited to finally get to see it close up, and most importantly bye more snacks though seven days at sea has had it´s impact in the snsck departement.

We started the day with new updates on our time of arival which now seemed to be around six pm. During starbords watch we put together a infatbele motoboat to get to shore from the boat in case we aren´t able to get a place in port. We also firled all of the sails and raised boath the Swedish and Kape Verdian flag, as well as a big yellow flag to tell people that there`s no plaide aboard and then we finally sat ancar.

Therefter we had a collective dinner, which we have`t had since we first sat sail a week ago, and ended the day in our commonroom to play cardames and before going to bed for some well needed rest.

Embla Sterve


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