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Mountains of pancakes

Today was a very special day for Gunilla since this was her first time at Teneriffe. It was also an exciting day for us because this harbor was the first stop on our journey.

The sun was just about to climb up by the horizon, when me and the others from the midship watch took our places in the little messroom, after a good night sleep. The smell of the tasty breakfast hung in the air as the gally rats walked out from the gally with two montains of delicious pancakes in their hands! Everyone cheered up when we started to eat and by the time everyone was full, the two mountains were gone.

As we were about to come on watch, everyone walked out on the main deck and saw the green mountainas of the Canarian islands floting around in the blue ocean. Sadly, those weren’t made of pancakes but we dindn’t complain, since the view was so breathtaking. All of us stood there, just admiering the beautiful landscape of Teneriffe until our guardleader reminded us that we had to prepare Gunilla, for her entree there.

With the sun going high between the clouds on the sky, we started to enter the harbor of Santa Cruz de Teneriffe. Everything went suprisingly well despite that this was our first time but as we were about to set ashore, I spotted two very ”fascinating” objects by the pier. One of them was a very ”special” german ship, which seemed to have fallen in love with the colour of green. Everything (exept the yellow masts) were painted in green, even the sails! I can almost imagine how happy the crew of that ship must be, since I couldn’t help but simile at the sight of it 😊. The look of the second thing that I spotted is very hard to describe, but if you have a litte fantasy and mabye a brain like Enstein than you can both understand and picture my description in your head. The building seemed to be a smaller variant of the opera house in Sydney but this one had a white wave-shaped wing half hanging over the building.

The rest of the day seemed to go away in slowmotion, especially for us in the midship watch, since we had to do different kinds of maintenance work. Despite that, everyone stayed positive. We are now looking forward for a new day in Santa Cruz de Teneriffe.



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