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Museum day

We started the day as usual at 07:00. Today we were going to visit two museums. After the line up we had about one hour free time to get ready for heading of. We started of with a museum about the sailing boat mayflower. It is a famous boat for the people in Plymouth.

Somewhere around 11 am we went to a café where we ate old classic British food, scones and tea. There was a cosy little garden surrounded by a tall stone wall. The stone wall was often seen in gardens like this one. The architecture by having the garden a bit under the surface is to remain the heat. The waitress told us it was important how we added jam and butter since there was sort of a war how they did it and how the Northern people didit. After the cafe we went to The Box, another museum that didn’t have just one theme, but like 10 different. You could find everything from old African weapons to the first radio or a mammoth. I prefer the Box over May Flower since there was so much more to look at and if one thing didn’t fit you, you could find something else that were interesting. While we were away, the others moved Gunilla because they were filling fuel and food and other things.

Tim P


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