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My day on the 9th of November

Today is the day we are leaving from Corsica to the Sardines and my work shift is from 0800-12:00 in the morning and 20:00-24:00 which means that me and my guard starts to set off to sea, and since we were sitting at a buoy so a so called pilot had to come over with a boat and take off the ropes that we were attached to the buoy with.

When we came out of the harbor there was to our surprise really big waves so in a extreme fast pace me and a lot of other people got sea sick but to my luck or bad luck I never threw up. And after my shift I went to bed and woke up to an alarm which told us all to gather on deck for a medical drill, and during this drill we abruptly paused the drill cause one of the commander noticed something on the radar close which turned out to be a couple of whales that were passing by,I’m not sure what kind of whales I think it was either sperm whales or a long finned pilot whale. after the drill I went to bed again and around 17:00 I had dinner then I did some school work even though I was seasick and then shift started at 20:00 but since there was no wind during the night we had no sails to set so we all sat on deck in the cold night for four hours until the next “guard” came to switch with us so that we could once again go to bed.

Edvin Boberg Saarva, starboard watch


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