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New place new opportunites

The arrival at El Hierro was early in the morning between 8 and 9. I had watch amidships from 4 to 8 on Wednesday and we had land in sight our whole watch.

We had a nice sunrise when we entered the harbor in the small fishing village of La Restinga. Barbord had watch when we entered the harbor. While amidships and starboard could explore the island during their free watch. We were told on arrival that the port we ended up in was not the originally planned port, but was a last minute solution as we had lost our berth. We ended up south on the island El Hierro in a very small village with about 300 people. As a midshipman, I got to take a tour around the village and was met by nice people and nice environments in the from of mountains covered in black lava rock and we saw many nice houses. We decided to take a bus to the next nearby village took about 20 minutes and was a narrow road that both went steeply uphill and was very bumpy which made the journey extra crooked. You notice at the place that we are a bit outside the city and that thereis not at all the same range of shops but a very charming place with a beautiful environment. You could also feel the tempter different higher up on the hill. The restaurants in the harbor where we stayed with Gunilla offered mostly fish and sea animals as this particular village devoted a large part of fishing. It has been a great first day here in El Hierro and I hope this whole stay will be great.

/Agnes Larsson


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