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New year on Gunilla

Soon after we descended from Grenada, it was time to celebrate new years on the boat. The day started as usual with the daily shifts, the only thing that was different were the moods of everyone on the boat. Almost everyone smiled through their shifts.

Unfortunetly we had some schoolwork to do so we had 1-2 lessons were we mostly read a Swedish novel called ”Vända hem”. After the lessons it was time for some more competitions between the three guards. The competition that took place was a type of ice curling in the Gunilla way. Basically there was three circles on main deck and each circle had x amount of points, the biggest one was 1 point, the second one was 3 points and the smallest one was 10 points. Then your guard got five minutes to hit as many in the rings. In the end the winners were babord, second place midskepps and the last place styrbord. Totally we in midskepps still leads the competition, cause of our previous victories

After the competition it was time do dress up nice for dinner, so everyone went and showered, put on their most fancy clothes and made their way to Lilla mässen. When you came up to lilla mässen the backisar had already prepared all the food so it was just to dig in, and so we did. After dinner everyone except those who had guard got a break for like 2 hours or so. When the time was closing in to the final countdown everyone gathered on halfdeck to count
down together and bring up a toast. When the clock turned 12 the oldest and the youngest on the boat rang the bell 8 times.

After the celebration it was time for a disco were almost everyone went down on main deck and started dancing, laughing and eating some snacks that the chefs had prepared. This went on for like an hour or so, until we all went to bed, although some people continued the party downstairs very quietly.

In the morning almost everyone was tired and finished from yesterday, after the breakfast all of the shifts started to work as usual and the day went on with no lessons and a bathing stop!

-Linus Midskepps


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