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Not a paradise island, more like paradise itself.

Todays plan was to leave the harbor of Belize City with the help of a pilot at 7 o’clock in the morning.

However the plan was unexpectedly changed. In the middle of the night from the 6th to today, the two girls who sat anchor guards heard the radio started to make noise. They woke up Jesper, our second mate, in order to ask what to do. The first thing Jesper said when he got up and heard the radio was ”oh no, not already”. Apparently the pilot had changed his mind, and decided to come at 4 o’clock instead of 7. With not much of a choice the only thing to do was to wake up the starboard guard and prepare for departure.

On a positive note, the early wakeup meant an early arrival to our destination, Tobacco Caye. Instead of arriving at dinnertime as planned, we arrived before lunch, which meant more time able to spend on the Island. This stop wasn’t planned in our original route however our outstanding DOS Anne-Li worked her magic and made it possible for us to go there before continuing our trip to Progreso, Mexico. Anne-Li has told us numerous times about the small size and beauty of the island. Despite this I still got chocked when I went up on deck and saw the island, smaller than I could ever imagine.

After lunch a boat came and drove us to the Island where we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon. As soon as I stepped my foot on this beautiful place I felt calm and at peace. I took a walk around the Island, trying to soak up everything it had to offer. Despite the area of 4,7 acres, the Island has far more to offer than you can imagine. Houses and sheds in all colors of the rainbow, palmtrees everywere with hammocks tied in-between, a ground of white sand and warming sun, everything surrounded by crystal clear turquoise ocean. It’s hard, if not impossible to explain the beauty of this place, it’s simply something you just have to see for yourself in order to understand.

Most of us spent the afternoon by laying in a sunbed or hammock, listening to music, reading and taking a swim in the ocean every now and then to cool down. Feeling the thirst sneaking up on me, there was only one thing to do. I walked up to a local who, before I even got the chance to ask, climbed up in a palmtree and brought done fresh coconuts. A few swings with a machete later the coconut was ready to be drunk.

The time swept by and soon it was time to go back to the ship again. My mind and body was tired by all the impressions and I couldn’t wait to go to bed, just to wake up to another day in paradise.

Authored by a euphoric Ellen, Starboard.


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