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Nothing happens 30/10

Today I woke up, just like everyone else. I was tired because of my lack sleep, just under four hours. And that's not because I had stayed up all night, but because of that I had night-guard at a miserable time.

I got out of bed and made myself ready for breakfast. I ate my usual breakfast combo. First some porridge with applesauce, raisins and cinnamon and then a bowl of mango vanilla yogurt with müsli. After a sleepy session of morning food consumption, it was time for a line-up on deck. This time it was me who was going to raise the guest flag. Tired as I was, I did some mistakes but it's up there now so I saw it like a victory.

After the line-up we had a math lesson with Johan where the task was to calculate the height of the mainmast with the help of trigonometry. It all went well and I felt a bit more alive as my brain started to warm up. After the lesson my plan was to get some sleep but I got stuck in studying and studied for four hours. I calculated a picture of Gunilla in a mathprogram. Expressing my inner child as I am confronted by math and physics.

At three o'clock, I went out into the city of Barcelona with some friends. I nearly bought an old telescope but decided not to, concerned about the quality of it. When we came back it was time for dinner which means it was six o'clock. I ate some five star rated food, like every other day on Gunilla. After that, I went to the place we call “Backen”. It is there a usually hang out, sleep and watch moves. There I stayed for one hour and then at 8 o'clock and fell asleep in my cabin, sleeping for eleven hours until the next day.

Vidar Lundquist Wirsén, amidships watch


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