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Not only seasickness

Everyone is either decently healthy, extremely seasick, very sick or suffer from hypochondria.

Right now it is not exactly happy times on Gunilla. Our ship has turned into a little infirmary with several students lying sick in fevers and colds, which is sad because it really distracts everyone from the amazing sailing we have had so far on the Caribbean ocean. The winds have helped us to reach high speeds that makes Gunilla slash through the high waves like a hot knife through butter, but you do not really enjoy that when you can't breathe through your nose and cough up your lungs.

As one who really enjoys sailing, I can honestly say that I long for the Dominican Republic and for everyone to be healthy again. All the work on this boat gets twice as hard when a lot of peope are missing. And as one who also suffers from hypochondria, it would be nice to not feel “kind of sick but not really” all the time.

This might sound horrible, but everyone is really keeping their spirits up and tries to climb the rig and work in spite of snot and tiredness.

Stay healthy and eat a lot of good food!

Flisan, Styrbord.


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