Öckerö gymnasium

No wind today

There has nearly been no wind today, and the sun has shine bright on the sky with no clouds.

As you can understand it has been a sweaty day. In addition to the heat most of the ones working have climbed to the top of the masts and many of them have been forced to clime down to not faint.

Our kind captain and crew noted the heat, and low speed and decided to make time for bathing! Around 15.30 everyone was in the water and even though it was 24 degrees Celsius in the water it was cool comparable to the air.

After the bath everyone was ready for the taco dinner that awaited. So far it seems like the perfect day, and it’s not done yet. Our wonderful DOS (director of studies) had planned movie night with popcorn! You could say that in the end of the day, it has been the perfect day out sailing.

Warm greetings

T/S Gunilla


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