Öckerö gymnasium

October the 23rd

This morning I woke up at 3:30 am to get ready for the 4:00-8:00 am watch. During the morning watch I was a post, meaning that I got to steer the boat, watch out for any dangers or activities in the water as well as look out for all the crew members.

After the watch I went to sleep.

Later on I woke up again at 3:30 pm to get ready for the afternoon watch 4:00-8:00 pm. During this session I was working force on deck with the rest of the crew. Almost all the sails on Gunilla were up when the watch began, except for the topsails. When it was time to set the remaining sails I got sent up unwillingly in the mast with one of my friends to undo the sail.

I began climbing towards the top of the mast, one step at a time. I had just reached the very top, but when I was about to attach myself to the safety wire my right arm suddenly dropped paralysed in a stabbing pain (due to a prior injury). I was forced to climb down the ladder with only my left arm and legs while the gale was gushing me back and forth. When I finally got to the nearest platform I began to wait out the pain. I panicked for a few moments but luckily my friend managed to calm me down and made me feel confident enough to try it again. A few hard working moments later I successfully managed to undo the sail and happily climbed down the ladder again with both arms still attached and fully working.

Vanna Janmark, starboard watch


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