Öckerö gymnasium

Off we sail!

Today we finally started sailing south and we seem to be on schedule.

We started the day outside of Gothenburg and now we’re planning to go under the bridge to Denmark tomorrow. Since we are now sailing everyone has started their sailing schedules and without the classes everyone seems to have a lot of free time. A lot of us are spending the extra free time by sleeping, none of us have really gotten used to the 7 hours-per-night thing.

It hasn’t been any waves or rough sea so no one has puked yet, but we all have a feeling it could happen anytime. Those who were the most seasick on our last trip have now got seasickness-patches, they really work but there are some side effects that can be pretty scary. One side effect is hallucinations.

Over all everything is good and our new students seem to like being here.

Hedvig, Midships


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