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One week on Gunilla

It has been one week on gunilla since we at 4am got on a bus, taking us to Copenhagen and then flying to Spain, Malaga! This week has gone fast but still it feels like an eternity we stood there waiting for the bus to pull in and take us on our greatest adventure ever

Today is Thursday which means it was a week ago we arrived to Gunilla. Knowing nothing what was to come and how to live on a boat! This week I have learned various things such as being a galleyrat meaning working as a chef in the galley cooking dinner, lunch and making scones for the nightwatch at four in the morning. I have also learned how to climb up the rig in wind, a slippery ladder and without light. Let me tell you that it is very frightening.

I can’t wait until we arrive to Tenerife and if we follow the right course we should arrive there on Sunday. Tenerife is our first study harbor because our stop in Malaga didn’t have classes or assignments.

Let me tell you the best and worst feeling on Gunilla I have learned this past week.

The best feeling here is probably after my watch at 08.00 when we eat the most wonderful breakfast and we even get it served. I’m in port watch and that means we have the 04-08 shift and after breakfast we can go to sleep until lunch. Knowing our next watch is eight hours away.

I have also learned that the worst feeling is being seasick and having to work anyway trying hard not to puke. Many people are seasick but as we get used to the boat moving the seasickness slowly disappear.

This week has been challenging but yet I have learned so many new things, I’m really looking forward to next week and what is to come in Tenerife!

Kind regards Ellen, portwatch


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