Öckerö gymnasium

On the Way to Mexico

Now we have been out to sea for a few days and the seasickness among us has begun to disappear. Tired and surer faces have finally been replaced for laughter and a general life joy again. Needed!

Today, the life on Gunilla has rolled on as usual and we have lived under our strict routines. Guard, breakfast, lunch, lessons and then guard again. On the other hand, we had a small break in the scheme, our dear boat meeting which takes place ones a week. The boat meeting is a time when everyone gets the chance to open their hearts, but is really about complaining about everything that is bad in hope of any improvement by talking about it.

The portsides’s night watch (8:00-12:00pm) was the best in a long time. The waves are smaller, the heat is back, and the rain has gone away. The captain played the famous Pirates of the Caribbean song while we climbed the mast – couldn’t be better.

Everything is good and soon we are in Mexico, can’t wait!



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