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Our beloved Bo

On today's watch, my assignment was being “post” from twelve to four o ́clock.

It includes three positions that rotate every half an hour. When it is time to switch places the lifeguard rings the bell or “pling ploonga” for every thirty minutes, for an example when it has gone four hours and our watch is over we ring it eight times. I started as helmsman, which is the person that directs the rudder by the steering wheel. After that I took over the lifeguards position for 30 minutes. Until it was time to stand in the front of the boat to be lookout, in the quiet night for another 30 minutes. While the rest of my group was having fun and sang songs
for four whole hours, when there was nothing else for them to do. The 30 minutes feels like an eternity and a thousand thoughts crosses your mind as you try your best to stay awake and focus on the job. The only exception is when you are helmsman and you get to talk to Bo for half an hour.

Bo is second captain and in charge of starboard, the twelve to four watch. We often chit chat with him as he stands beside you, outside the navigation room. He makes the time fly away and there is always something new for me to learn from him. Bo is the most charming guy ever and he makes the boring watch so much more fun.

Meja Gustafsson


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