Öckerö gymnasium

Our first day in Agadir

We are all struck by the heat as soon as we stepped out of the plane. Despite it being warm most of us were overwhelmed and as the wind blew in our faces we could even feel a little chill.


Earlier today most off us woke up with a message from our captain: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are making our final approach towards Al Masira Airport so please fasten your seatbelt”. The person next to me said: "Look at those mountains, they are beautiful!" I was just as astonished for I had never seen such mountains before.


When we moved away from the plane we could see our friends from schol from the nature and seamen classes. Although it blew cold our hearts were instantly much warmer. We left the airport without saying anything to our fellow schoolmates but still we were happy to have seen them. We got on our buss with excitement, now the sun was all of a sudden burning so we were happy to find that the bus had its own air conditioning system.

When we arrived I was shocked because our ship was clearly the biggest ship in the harbor by far which in turn made it look bigger than what it was. After a long trip the lunch that we where served was most welcome into our stomachs.

After lunch we had about an hour of free time before we were to be inspected by our ranking staff on the main deck. The Captain was a serious man, however despite this the rest of the staff was very friendly as long as we did as we were told. For example we are suppose to be ready for inspection five minutes before the given time.

It was a rough trip but now we are here and it might take some getting used to, but in time we will call it home.



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