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Our sixth day

Today it's our sixth day on our way over the Atlantic Ocean and I think that all of us are starting to blend the days together.

The days go together in one big mass of time and I can really can't think about anything but when my next watch is and what we are going to do on it, and so on.

This day began with our nightwatch at four am until eight am. I can't tell you much about that nightshift though since I felt poorly and only made it up on deck before I had to turn around and go to bed again instead. I think that the nightshift went pretty smoothly with not that much to do.

When the shift ended at eight am most of us went to bed. We've been up late the night before because of a very cozy evening with boardgames and popcorn that our fantastic Dos Anne-Li put together for us. At twelve we woke up for lunch and then lessons, which I barely could attend because I still felt ill. When those very slow three hours of lessons ended it was time for our watch again, but this time four to eight pm. Luckily I could join this time. During this one we didn't do that much either. I covered some rusty parts of the boat wih a solution called Metal Brite (which magically made the rust disappear) and then just enjoyed the warm and sunny weather. We have around twenty-five to thirty degrees celsius, with a little bit of wind every single day. All of us are enjoying every moment of it. After dinner at half past six we took down a couple of sails, then we spended the remaining time of the watch lying down on the deck together and gazing up at the beautiful and starfilled nightsky above us. That is one thing that I'm really going to miss when we go home, all of the starfilled skies we get to see out here that are impossible to find at home.

I think that was all there was to write about, I hope everyone is doing good back home in Sweden.

Liza, Starboard.


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