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Pasta-pesto-protest and exhausted zombies

Beeing exahaused all the time can be really challenging, especially for those who refuse to eat the food. Luckely, all of us survived the day since we was served brownies after our quiet lunch protest.

You may find it weird that no one in the midship watch seemed to be overjoyed about the fact that we had to leave our warm and strangely comfortable beds, at four o’clock this morning. That was honestly one of the hardest things that we’ve had to do on this journey! Amazingly, we all got up but everyone behaved like a group of exahused zombies. Althought it didn’t last for long since we realized that we were already late. The clock was just about to turn 4 am when we all stumbled out on the maindeck.

Under the beautiful midnight sky, the other watch were standing in two straight lines on quarterdeck, waiting for us. I was very greatful for the bright light that was caused by the stars at first, since it made it easier for us to climb up the ladder. Sadly, my mind changed when we had to stand up and listen to the captains long words. Then I realized that the light only made it even more obvious for everyone, that it was (and still is) totally impossible for me to stand still on deck.

The other watch propably thought of a me as a human-sized chicken, while I tried to keep my non-existing balance within control. You can only imagine how stupid I felt about beeing the only person on deck who had to keep my balance by waving my arms around, against the wind. Considering the fact that we haven’t had any problem with big waves on our journey, these felt like mountains to me. But maybe I am a little bit dramatic.

Personally, I think that our first watch was extremly boring because I stood as watch. But since I had to stand all by myself for four hours, i had a lot of time to think and it also gave me the opportunity to embrace my filosofical side. Our watch ended when all of my mindblowing thoughts had passed through my tierd brain.

When it was time for lunch, it appeared to me that the whole watch was having a quiet protest against the food that was served. Everybody (except for me and one other girl) refused to eat the pesto that was served to the pasta. Apperently they’ve had some bad experiences with pesto since they all have felt seasick after eating the dish. Luckily for me, who haven’t felt seasick even once on this trip had no problem to eat it. Sadly, it was only bad luck for them because the protest only made the cook irritated. Things didn’t get any better when the cook heard about the vegitarian-meeting that was held before dinner by the guardleaders.

The vegitarian­-meeting began by the time we were about to go on watch and since they concidered me as a meet-eater, i wasn’t invited. Instead, I had to take the place as watch once again. The meeting seemed to last for an enternity! Or that was atleast what I thought it feelt alike but it propably ended after about 30 minutes.

We didn’t do much things on our secound watch, we just braced the mast and did some weird things on some ropes. But when there were only a few minutes left untill we were supposed to be standing in two ”straight” lines again, the person who stood watch yelled hystericlly to everybody on deck to come and look at the dolfins! We all runned through the darkness to the foredeck where she stood by the rail and looked down into the black and green water. Everyone gathered around her. The seafire seemed to explode in the black water each time a dolfin broke thorugh the surface. For us, It looked like fireworks. Sadly not everyone was able to see the dolpins before they swam away. But for us who actually managed to do that, will remember the sight for the rest of our lifes.

The spirirt was high within the crew of the midshipwatch when we went down under deck but since no one was in sleep-mood, we decided that we whould have a disco, inside one of the cabins. We propably woke the whole boat up with our voices and the loud music but I can promise you one sertain thing, all of us sleeped very well that night.

//Emma Klingspor


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