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Pizza night

The day after new years eve started slowly, with a sleep-in until 10.30 and a long breakfast.

The two guards that were free (midship and barboard) got ready and my guard got dressed in work-clothes, and we gathered on deck. One part of the group started grind the nailbench and the other group took cared and cleaned the stuff that was left from the party the night before. We did entertainment work for two hours, it was a bit boring but the kitchen played loud music and we ate some chocolate so it wasn’t too bad. Of course we also had a small break to eat sandwiches and drink coffee.

My guard was all by ourselves this day on the boat and it was really calm specially after a couple of days with everybody together on the boat. After the break we started to clean the boat both inside and on deck, to make it easier we, like before played music on high volume and sang. We also made shore everything was secured in it’s place onboard before we leave for Tenerife. Everyone was seriously tired from yesterday so this day with only cleaning and not doing too much was pretty necessary.

Then we decided to open the coconut we bought a couple of days ago. We had to use some tools to be able to open it but after a while it opened and we pored the milk out into a glass and ate the meat.

While we were working it was a lot going on in the kitchen, a couple of the crew members and the assistants in the kitchen was making pizza. So everyone sat down in the fair and ate, it was really good. Then me and my friends decided to study for a while and do some research about what to do on Tenerife.

Melke, SA2023


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