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Porto de Portimao!

I guess you could say that my day began at 7 A.M when the gangway watch came down to the cabins to wake everybody up 15 minutes before breakfast. But… it turns out nobody in my cabin wanted to go eat since some of us might have been up a little late the night before. So the boys in my cabin came to an agreement that we would keep sleeping until the morning line-up at 7:55 A.M.

My day has been fairly slow, after the line-up me and a couple of friends chose to write us off the dinner list so we could go and eat pizza instead. At 9 o'clock we had a little meeting where Tore gave us some suggestions on places to go in Portimao. We also got some more information about our bus trip back home. We are expected to go on the bus at 6 P.M on the 17th and we should be at the Liseberg parking at 12 P.M on the 19th.

After this little meeting or whatever you want to call it I did some school work and then I went back to my cabin and I watched an episode of my favorite series right right now, The Last Dance, which is about the NBA team, Chicago Bulls between the 80s and 90s.

After relaxing for a bit it was time for lunch. Today was a bit of a mixup with foods so we had a bit to choose from. For the next 4 hours I did basically nothing, we’ve had pretty boring weather all day, almost like the Swedish weather, rainy cloudy and a bit cold. To sum it up, it hasn’t been a very fun day to go out and explore the city.

But soon enough we got hungry so me and my two other friends, Ebbe and Jonathan ventured out to find a pizza place, and so we did. Mamma Mia II. It was a nice and cozy restaurant with good pizza and to top it off me and Jonathan bought some ice cream.

With each and every stomach filled we fought against our own will and went back out into the rain again in the search of a shopping mall which we eventually found thanks to google maps. I couldn’t find anything that grabbed my attention except for some Lego which I ended up not buying because it would be too much of a hassle to build and safely secure it on Gunilla and later on a bus.

Even though I didn’t find anything interesting to me, my two friends saw some pens in a shop and they wanted to stare at them for at least 10 minutes before we could move on in the mall, but before we could start going back to Gunilla they had to stare at the pens just a bit more.

We made it back safely and here I am, super tired, wrapping up this blog before I go to bed. Bye bye! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ

// Ludvig Fritz Oijens / SJD 2023


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