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Pranked at the guard

I just wanted to say Happy Bithday to my little sister, I tried to write you an email but my computer is a little messed up and will not work with the bad wifi onboard t/s Gunilla. I hope you had a great birthday. Love U and Miss U.

As usually we in midskepps did get purrade at 07.00 a clock. Slowley we went up from our bed to go and eat breakfast. Tired is just my first name, it´s my everyday mood here on Gunilla. But let me tell you it´s worth it. For breakfast I ate porridge with suger and cinnamon, with the porridge it always servers bread. We also have two “fika” in the day and bakisarna is servings us bread, sometimes when we eat soup we also get served bread. I have eaten to much bread, unfortunately I cant eat more bread. After we have eaten our breakfast is the clock about 07.30 and before 08.00 we need to get dressed in working clothes and be set on HALVDÄCK . This SJÖBEN and the SJÖBEN before we did the 8-12 guard. I think it´s the best guard because of our guard leader, Anna and we don’t need to change our retreat routine. Maybe I will change my mind after I have tried the other guards which is 12-4 and 4-8. After we have got dressed we go to the HALVDÄCK and stand in our positions we got the first day. If you are going to start a guard you stand to port on HALVDÄCK and the guard how are going to finish there shift is standing on the other side, starboard. We need to stand silent in 5 minutes before we set, and I we have not done it right even once. When the time is 08.00 the Captian or STYRMAN have a little speech about how the boat is going, how the wind is going and wishes us a god guard and the other guard a nice free guard.

We have 4 differentes working place when the guard is active. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my guard is workforce. When you are workforce, which I was today, we salvage sail, clean the toilets and the full public area. We have 3 types of post, steersman, lookout and lifebuoys guard, all you do when you are post is look and observed. It can be boring, but you do have a lot of time to think. The other things is backis, you help the cocks with serving and set the table. It need to be good! You can also be Shappis. What you do when you are shappis is to be there for Karin if she needs help. The last but most important guard is Rondman. When you are rondman you check the machineroom, toilets, and under the backen. You check for leaks and fire and unusually things.

Today I did a have a very fun guard. We started with to NIPPA the sail. I where up in the RÖJEN and BRAMEN to NIPPA, which is the sail highest up. I remember how scared I was the first time I where climbing in the RIG to the first RÅ, and now i´m not even scared when I´m as high up as Gunnis top. After we have NIPPAT me and Alva started to fixed the block. At first we had a sandpaper and grinded the blocks to the BRASSAR, then we took some T-red and started to PUTSA the block. But we did get cut in action and needed to BESLÅ the big sail. I could be dangerous because me and Alva laughed so much. We did a little prank on our other guard member. When we was cutting some rags of addident did we touch ANKARRÅT?. On the ANKARSAK it is filled with oil and Alvas oil SATTE SIG on her elbow. The oil looked like SNOR and was in the perfect place “to protect yours sneeze from others”. We walked from ANKARRÅT to the kitchen where Matilda and Alicia where. We started to ask them what we where going to eat. They could not sense. In the middle of the sentence did Alva a fake sneeze. I stod with laugh in the neck and Alva laughs and says ewwww. It really looked like a sickness SNOR. Matilda did´nt understand anything until we told here “YOU GOT PRANKED, JOCKIBOI”. Also Sofia got pranked, we did meet Sofia in the door to the main DÄCK. She asked what Alva had on her arm and we told her it was SNOR. She looked disgusted and told us she just threw up a little bit in her mouth. When our wonderful guard where done we went up on the BACKEN and took the best hours of the sun. Today the sun has been stronger then before and the wind refused. It was the first time my and some other shirts went of. Later on our lesson started, from 13 to 17 did



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