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Prom Night!

Today, Saturday, started exactly the same as all days do here on Gunilla. We wake up, we eat breakfast and we gather on maindeck.

But today was special. People had that smile on their faces, that smile that means that they are excited for something. That smile that you rarely see on Gunilla, espacially at eight in the morning. But today people had it, that smile. And if you don´t know why, I'll tell you what our DoS Brita told us; “Okey, so tonight it´s prom...”. Prom! PROM! Do you know how big that is here in the US, and we're going to one. The students at the high school that we're going to prom with told us that it's the biggest thing in high school and that they have looked forward to it for four years. So it's really cool and fun that we get the chance to do it.

The day continued as they usally do and people came back from their adventures around Tampa early to be able to prepare themselves for the big night. People were running around like headless chickens, getting their hair ready, putting on makeup, fixing their suits and dresses. It was complete chaos!

After a lot of dressing, makeuping and hairfixing everybody was finally done and I got to say, I don't think that a have ever seen my classmates this dressed up, and especially not on one of our trips. But then, when we were about to go out we noticed something. I'll let you guess what. It rhymes and this time also correlates with pain and is the complete opposite to what has been going on for the whole fricking trip. Yup, you guessed right, it was rain. Just our luck! But we stood strong and we ran up to American Victory where we waited it out. Then Brita took some photos of us in front of the war ship and after that we were off to prom.

Prom was exactly but also not at all what I expected. It was in a hotel and not in a gym, they had lemonade and water instead of a spiked fruitpunch and the 70's liveband was replaced with a DJ. But they still wore crazy outfits, danced around like maniacs and crowned a prom king and queen. All and all it was a great night with a lot of dancing and singing and I'm really happy that I got to experience this.

After the prom we all went back to the boat, talked to each other about the day and then went to bed. And that is where my blog juristiction ends. Have a good day, a good night and everything inbetween. Bye!

Jon Myrne Widfors

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