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Quite a few changes

Friday 19/5 is our first whole day at sea since leaving Horta. Leaving Horta involves quite a few changes in the daily routine here onboard.

We recently switched captain, crew and DOS and we’ve also changed watch times. Now we in starboard has changed from the 8-12 watch to the 12-4 watch, this means that were no longer in charge of cleaning the living quarters. The 12-4 is often called the trash watch because of our daily task of compressing and cutting all the trash onboard so it will fit in our trash room.

The wind is currently not in our favor so today we spent the watch taking down all of the sails and started the motor. On the night watch we had a few lessons. One was about the wheather and wind forecast. The other one we learned about the whalehunting industry in the 1800s. After the night we went back to sleep.

Albin Södergren


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