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Restless legs and dolphins.

For us, a new day starts at 11 o’clock in the morning and ends by four o’clock in the morning so it is hard to say if January 12 is the night watch for the 11th January or if it belongs to the 12th.

Anyways, after the watch change four o’clock in the morning we had the chance to take a bath in the saltwater shower. Our guard leaders had this idea, that if sea-fire lights up in the water when they are in movement, why wouldn’t they do that when they fall from the shower? Unfortunately did it not work with the sea-fire in the shower but it was nice to do it. maybe it was an “once in a lifetime” experience. Shower in saltwater on the Atlantic ocean in the middle of the night. That’s a story for the grandchildren! I did another crazy thing that night, I did a somersault on maindeck, so now have I done that on the Atlantic ocean, not so many people can say that they have done that too.

By 11 am the “real” workday started. I was in the royal together with Alva the first hour and used sealing wax on the yard. I am a bit afraid of working up there because I’m afraid of falling down if I don’t hold on to something with both hands. Because of that, being up there was not a pleasant experience. Alva felt seasick so she didn’t enjoy it so much either.

When we came down from the mast, we got the change to take a shower again and wash of the sweat. After the 3 o’clock coffee was it dolphins in the water. It has been a while since we saw that much life outside the boat. The only thing we see on the ocean is birds, fly-fish and some boats (I think that has happened two times under the whole journey over the Atlantics). Hopefully is the dolphins a sign that we are coming closer to main land and Grenada. I think everyone will do good by walking somewhere where the walking distance don’t ends after 50 meters. I got crazy last night and walked around the big mast over and over again so the run in my legs would calm down. You do get a bit crazy from not being able to run around and move your body. But that will soon be over.

Tomorrow (Sunday) are we coming to our destination but before we can go to the port are we going to anchoring outside one of the most luxury island on the earth, Rhode island. And then, on Monday will we be able to feel land under our feet’s again!

Until then will we enjoy the sight of only sea for this time and continue to complain on the weather (at least 30 degrees, no rain and almost no wind) have a good day

//Matilda, Midships watch


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