Öckerö gymnasium


Today we went to a town called Ronda. It took one and a half hour to get there with a couch. In Ronda we were free to do whatever we wanted. Most of us went to the historic bridge. The view was amazing; you could see the mountains, the fields and the river. It must have been hundreds of meters down. In Ronda, they also have the oldest bull fighting arena in Spain. Some friends and I were walking around in the town. We were walking along the main street. They had so many little cozy stores. I bought new shoes and a bag.

Half four we had to take the bus back to the boat. Everyone was excited about the dinner because today we were served hamburgers made by one of our chefs, Sofie. The burgers tasted so good!

After the dinner, some friends and I went for a walk along the beach. We got home right in time for the movie that was showed on the TV in the big mess. This night we watched a horror movie called insidious.

Louise Vingård


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