Öckerö gymnasium


Today was normal day in Gunilla when it come to the routines.

The food was great which was prepared by one of my favorite chefs, John. Of course we everybody in my work group was a little bit tired, but we survived the working hour together and I may well say that it was fun. Comparing the other days that we have spent in Gunilla, today was a special day. The boat didn’t winged side to side. The boat swang back to front. We changed direction and we had the wind coming from the back. I loved this new course the captain has decided. Not because it’s more comfortable but because now we are going faster to our destination.

During we changed direction most of the students were down in the main room in a special event our teacher organized. That was the best three hours that I had all day, except the brief seconds I thought about getting to land early. During this three hours we played board games and card games. It was very challenging to play with my class mates. I didn’t knew they were so good until I played with them. Most of them are very competitive and do all sorts of crazy things when they lose or win, and that was very funny to watch indeed.



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