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Same same, but different

When you are on the Atlantic ocean in the middle of nowhere for about a week and you do the same kind of things everyday so it feels like everything keeps going in a cycle. Everyday can simple be described with, same same, but different.

For the last two days our captain have been saying that we are almost halfway cross the Atlantic ocean. Today, we really made it halfway cross. It feels really amazing because we work together to accomplish what we do, and now we have gotten this far!

Today we started the day sanding the pulleys and then proceed to use T-sprit on it so it would get a nice surface so that we could polish it. It took some time because some of the blocks were hard to reach, but in the end we finished all of them. When I got down from the mast I heard from my friends that they just spotted a whale just a couple meters from the boat, and I missed it by seconds… Well, you can´t be lucky all the time. The day moved on and we changed our course so we had to brace all of the sails. It all needed to happen quick and smooth so I had this feeling that I had to perform especially good this time, and I think that we all did. Most off us knew what to do so it all went pretty well and fairly quick.

One thing that I got surprised about is how comfortable I feel here, the ship is the closest to home you can get here. I mean the day after we went hiking we had to sleep at a hotel and the day after when we got back to Gunilla it felt so good to sleep in your own berth. It kinda felt like when you´ve been gone from home a while and get back and you can sleep in your own bed again. It was then I realized that Gunilla has started to feel a bit like home.

Zeb Holmén


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