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Santo Domingo

Today was our third day in Santo Domingo and at first we decided to see some markets and look around inside of Zona colonial. Zona colonial is a part of Santo Domingo where almost all of the turists live. This is also where most of the resturants, stores and it is also less dangerous than the rest of Santo Domingo. The building which are in the area Zona colonial were built 500 years ago and there’s a lot of statues and other historical footprints that you can see.

After we looked in some stores Elvin decided to buy some shoes that he could use while working because his other shoes was destroyed when we walked threw a rainforest in Grenada. After that we wanted to get some food and we were a bit tired of Domican food so we got pizza hut instead. When we had eaten up our pizza’s we looked in some more turists shop but after a while it gets pretty boring as all the stores sell the same stuff but it was really cool seeing all the art pieces they were selling. When we decided to get back to Gunilla before going out for dinner we stopped at a cigar shop when we saw a man in the corner of the store handrolling his own cigar’s. We asked if we could film it and they said ”yes ofcourse”.

After resting up at Gunilla and charging our phones we discussed what place we should eat at. Inside Zona colonial all the resturants are the same with loud music and turist traps. We wanted something else and we had heard of a place near the coast and right outside of Zona colonial. The resturant was nice, but with the sunset in the backround it was really scenic. I ordered roasted chicken fajitas which almost like tacos. The others ordered beef fajitas, chicken filèe and one person in our group ordered lobster. The food was delicous and this was a pretty good day.

That’s all for me see you guys in 18 days :) //Fjodor Johassnon


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