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(Sea-) Sick Huh?

Hello ”lé blog”! It’s been a time, hasn’t it? This is for the one who wonders my first English blog for this trip and I will start by telling you all that yesterday, we left Cherbourg for A Coruña.

Until now I thought that I’ve been spared from the sea sickness that everyone else feel. Mainly because I was the one who forgot how it felt not be seasick at our last trip and that now, somehow, the gods or my spirit or whatever had spared me from that evil. But I was wrong. It’s kind of an odd feeling though. That something in your brain just decides to stop working and that that makes you feel more powerless and weak than ever before. Before I went on my first trip I’ve been told that the sickness is something you’ll get use to and that everyone came along with it. But honestly, nobody could prepare me for that kind of illness.

This day, nothing special happened, at least not for me. The pinnacle of the day were when the lifeguard (one of the three posts during a guard at sea) screamed something about dolphins at starboard side. While everyone who had heard the dolphin news were rushing to the gunwale, I was knocked to the ground by the skylight.

In later days I’ve been thinking about that nobody, who isn’t a man at the sea, could understand how it feels to be onboard. I’m kind of use to being knocked out on pop deck while the storm is roaring as loud as front row on a One Direction concert. (And yes, been there, done that). The point is that life on Gunilla is kind of absurd, but even that, you get use to. (Sea-)Sick huh?

Janelle Gutke - Starboard


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