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Second Day in Caen!

The day started with breakfast at 07:15. I’m not used to the routines yet, so I thought it was a little early and after the long bus trip I was very tired. But once I saw the breakfast I immediately perked up! I had a big bowl of porridge, and it was amazing!

After breakfast we lined up in our watches on deck to ring the bell and set the flags like we do in port. After the captain had said a few words, we had familiarization. During familiarization we are divided into groups depending on if we have lower or over bunk and our watches, so we are a total of 6 groups. Yesterday we did one part of the familiarization and my group had climbing, so today we had five parts left. Today was also the first watch for us in midships so after we were done and had been reminded of everything we must and mustn’t do here onboard we in midships started cleaning. Not a very fun job, but it must be done.

Since we were on watch today we relaxed onboard after dinner while the other watches went ashore to see Caen. I went to bed quite early because we have to guard the ship during the night. I was on duty from 01:30 to 03:30 so I really wanted to get some sleep before that. After my watch I had a nice shower and then I fell asleep like a log.

It was very intense day with a lot to be done and it really took on everybody’s energy. But it feels good to be back and to get into the routines again. I’m really looking forward to get this trip started and to the first sailing to Portugal. Join us!

Hilda Brun, Midships



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