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Serious business

The day started a bit unusual for me. I woke up and looked at the clock when I realized that it was time for morning assembly in just a few minutes. I had missed breakfast…

Normally you would have breakfast about half an hour before morning assembly which meant plenty of time to eat and get into working clothes since it was portsides turn to have watch day. I was working as a “backis” which meant that I helped in the kitchen with serving food and taking care of the dishes. Fortunately for me we were going on a trip which meant that we didn’t have to serve lunch.

At 9:50 everyone was ready with their ÖSG clothes on and we departed a few minutes later. We were visiting an Irish school to have some lessons with them, and then later we were doing a beach excursion. At the school we were divided into groups to join different classes. Me and three others joined the Business class which was fun cause we had never studied anything like it back home. The lesson was a mix of both the teacher presenting the subject which was “contract law” and the students discussing different scenarios where a contract would and wouldn’t be valid. I absolutely loved the atmosphere inside that classroom, the smaller class made everyone more open and talkative in a way and both the teacher and students felt much more engaged in the subject that was thaught. This is probably because the students get more say in what subjects they want to study. At the end of the lesson we got to talk about our school and answer the many questions. Sometimes you even got asked 2-3 questions at the same time due to them being very interested in how everything worked.

After the lessons we went on a walk up a hill where we had a nice view over Dublin and then we went to the beach for our beach excursion. The beach was quite interesting and we found mini crabs, purple rocks and anemones among other things.

At 15:00 everyone was back on the boat and I went back to work, serving dinner which was Lasagna and also my favorite food. After we had done the dishes I played some Mario cart with some friends and then I went to bed.

Anton Larsjö


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