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Service in the swing

This morning I woke up in newly changed linen, feeling fresh from yesterday’s shower.I then brushed my teeth and even put on deodorant. That can only mean one thing, we ́re in port!

I was very confused when I stood up this morning and the boat wasn ́t turning. Thinking we were docked, I wenttothe big mess for breakfast, butit was completely empty.I kept going up the stairs,onlyto find my friends on kitchen duty serving my watch riceporridgein the little mess.The place in which we eat at sea.Since we usually associate riceporridgewith Christmas in Sweden, it only made the confusion worse. After breakfast I got a punch in the stomach (metaphorically) and had to snap back to reality, just like in Eminem ́s “Lose yourself”. I left my harbour freshness behind me and stepped into my dirty watch clothes. Our watch hadthe first work day here in Lisbon. It sounds like crap but actually brings a few perks. We get lots of tips from our friends who cango to town and can also learn from their mistakes when it ́s our turn the next day. Foremost we also get their pity. So, our watch-day, what did we do? I actually had a fun and great day in many ways. I sat in a swing in the rigputting a white gooey thing on wires.Starting at the top, 30 metres up in the air, my friend Esmeralda stood on deck waiting for me to way withmy hand, the signfor her to gradually lower me down.As you've probably noticed by now our meals are very regular and important for us, but when it was time for the 10 o'clock “fika" I was still stuck in my swing. Then one of the best things ever happened to me. A girl of the crew hissed up a bag with an avocado sandwich in it to me so that I could fika in my swing. The view was absolutely stunning and I could almost see the whole beautiful cityfrom there. I just sat there dreaming and planningall the things we were going to do the next day.After lunch we switched place and I stayed on deck sunbathingall afternoon, waiting for Esmeralda to wave at me. We then cleaned the whole boat and I studied for a while before I went up to watch the boat for two hours.I had a good time with my friends and went to bed happy and excited for the next day. I guess I could say that I feel both grateful and blessed to be able to do this. Such an experience! Thank you.

Alva Ivarsson


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