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 Sheep fat, Land in sight and dolphins

After 7 days at sea with just water at sight we’ve finally reached land and the archipelago around Santa Cruz the Ténériffe.

I could see the high mountains and even a lighthouse on an island near our ship. A pack of dolphins came jumping next to us and you could hear them communicating with each other through the water! It was an amazing experience and even though we saw dolphins when we sat sails from Malaga I had not seen them this close before. There were probably about 30 dolphins at the same time at some points. But if you’re thinking that we’re only watching dolphins and relaxing god you’re so wrong! For my entire watch today i climbed up and down the mast. At first we were fixing some things in the different sails but then I had to climb all the way to the top (which is 30 meters up I might add) and lubricate the leather in the mast with some sort of sheep fat. I was very scare and my hands were really slippery so I thought I was going to fall which wasn’t the most relaxing thought ever. Since I didn’t have time to finish lubricating both the masts I might have to do the other one tomorrow which I’m not too excited about but at least I’ll get to practice climbing which is definitely necessary considering the fact that I’m the most clumsy person alive.

Midships watch, Ester


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