Öckerö gymnasium

Shopping for survival

Today, we woke up to a sad sky. Might the reason be that we are leaving soon? Maybe the Azorean sky will miss us? I believe so, because it saddens me too. The Azores have been great. And with great, I mean GREAT. We have been given so many beautiful days, filled with everything from crazy taxi drivers to magnificent waterfalls.

Well, our day started off as usual – zombies crawling out of their beds and starting their rounds of sleepwalking. Our first stop was the boat´s very fancy dining room (also called the “Stora Mässen”), where we ate a freshly cooked breakfast. I ate a bowl of porridge with strawberry jam and cinnamon on the top. The meal was delicious. Afterwards, we lined up on the main deck for our daily morning meeting. We were almost on time…

Because of our bodies’ lack of sleep and our homework-filled TO DO-lists, we then used the following free time to catch up on those things. I also made a phone call home, which was very needed. I miss everyone a lot.

Suddenly, around one o´clock, the sky decided to be happy. Trying to catch the beautiful sunlight and it’s accompanied warmth, me and my beloved roommate Agnes went out on a walk. The walk slowly but surely turned into a shopping trip. Soon, we ran around the shopping mall like a couple of racecars. We were fast, I will tell you. Store after store, we looked, tried on and sometimes even bought a few articles of clothing. The final destination of our trip was an even bigger supermarket, where we had planned to bunker up with some food for the coming sea leg. Unfortåunately, we were both very hungry, which made that task a whole lot harder. With a couple of stops at every shelf, it took us a long time. Also, in the end, we sadly had to become sensible people and put back some of our preciously picked goods on the shelves. We ended up with only the most important products - chocolate, sweet potato-chips and peach-flavored candy.

All in all, we had a very cooooozy day.




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