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Slipping through my fingers

“Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture and save it from the funny tricks of time. Slipping through my fingers all the time, I try to capture every minute. The feeling in it, slipping through my fingers all the time.”

I am sentimental, let's start there. I know that I have made friends for life in this class and that we´ll stay in touch, but there's always this lingering thought that we´ll soon part and that makes my chest ache. How great of ABBA to summarize my feelings so beautifully for me in the quote above. We´re literally trying to capture every single last minute we have together and I will never forget these days.

To “carpe diem” this particular day I and some friends rented a car and drove all around the beautiful island of Sao Miguel. We did this yesterday as well and figured there´s no idea in giving up a winning concept. I don't want to envy anyone at home (okay, just a little bit), but this must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Nature is truly spectacular and unlike anything I have ever seen before. With the risk of being overly cheesy, it's a privilege to be here and experience this together with my very best friends, my second family. How I love these guys.

We were in awe of the stunning views all day and (screamed) sang nostalgic songs together while crying happy tears as we drove, and drove, and drove. We didn't feel very environmentally friendly with all the driving and it was a bit paradoxical since we have an assignment on sustainable tourism, but there's too much to see in way too few days to experience the wonders of Sao Miguel by foot. I feel like I'm repeating myself but we had so much fun today that we laughed until we actually peed ourselves at one point. We were entering a pasture with cows that was surrounded by electrified wire when my friend, who thought it was just a plastic rope, lifted the wire with her hands while I was standing with it between my legs. She really needed to go to the toilet on top of everything. Actually, I think now is a good point to leave the rest to your imagination. We had a good time ;)

There are five days left on this trip and then four weeks left of school before graduation. Have I mentioned that I´m overly joyful doing this? I think it might be quite clear by now. Well, that´s a wrap! Thank you for reading.

Alva Ivarsson, SAS 1922


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