Öckerö gymnasium

Solid ground

After a little trouble with the agent of the port we finally got to enter land for the first time after 8 days out on the seven seas, and I can tell you that it was amazing.

After lunch we put the two mini boats in the water. We used both Berit and Beirut (the two boats) to escort people to the land because now were anchoring a bit outside the port.

I thought everything was going to spin when I reach land after so many days at sea, but it didn’t at all. It just felt good to have stable ground under my feet and se have nothing shaking around as it always does on the boat, but that can be charming too.

The first thing we did when they dropped us of were looking after a café with Wi-Fi so that we could call our parents and friends at home. It was really nice to talk to them and hear their voices again. We also went shopping on a market near the beach where we bought some bracelets, magnets and other souvenirs like real tourists.

In the evening we also found an Italian restaurant to have dinner on with rally good food, I ate a pasta pomodoro which was good after eating on the boat for over a week. Nothing against the two master chiefs Adam and Elnaz but it was nice to not have to spend every meal in “lilla mässen” where I of one reason always feels like I am going to throw up when were sailing.

Wilma Andreasson


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