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Some things never change

When I first thought about sailing in the Caribbean, unconditionally blue vivid water and a truthfully sun rised in my mind. Now, six days with storm-ropes, widespread seasickness and one sea monster later, my picture have slightly changed.

Now I know.

The blister on the hands of a working watch still hurts the same;

days of unpleasant sleep still forces the eyes to smart;

scrubbing the floor from food in the galley is still disgusting.

Even though we are in the Caribbean.


Some things, I realize, never changes.

As the stars at night. Gazing back at you, knowing you feel numb by their endless beauty.

As the feeling of warm laughter from your friends on a cold night.

As the closure to the person next to you, no matter who that person is.


Even though we sail in Caribbean, things remains the same.

We are not on a cruise of that kind we see passing by in the horizon - we work hard.

We are looking forward to the eating at the night as our lives depended on it – oh gosh, it does.


We are looking forward to the next exotic adventures – they will come.

Even though my expectations didn't quite match reality, I just realize something.

It's T/S Gunilla.

It's the same concept, the same ship, mostly the same people onboard.

It´s still awesome.

Juliette Olofsson,



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