Öckerö gymnasium

Soon in Sevilla

The day started with watch for us in starboard. It was our first night watch at 12-04. We had a very chill watch. We didn’t do much: we furled all the staysails and played the game “Mafia”.

The wind is very weak and is blowing from the wrong direction, which means we can only set staysails.

For our fika, our halfway-through-the-watch break, we got cheese toasties with tomato sauce, cheese, and oregano. The cheese felt a bit like plastic because it was cheese for hamburgers, but it was still good! We also got some hot chocolate to have with the cheese toasties.

The next morning, we woke up at 11 am and ate breakfast. When you wake up at 11 am you can choose between having breakfast or lunch. I prefer to eat breakfast over lunch, especially today because it was semolina porridge for breakfast. I like it a lot and it´s much better than oatmeal porridge.

On the day watch we worked in the rig. We oiled the blocks in the rig. Some of the blocks were hard to take apart, but some of them were very easy.

After our watch, we had lessons. First it was history and after that we had dinner. Which was meat loaf, mashed potatoes with sauce and lingonberry jam. Our last two lessons were social studies and a presentation of our next port, Sevilla.

Ellen, starboard


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