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Spa sessions and Christmas carols

Of course, everything went fine because of one factor, Johan Wallblom. He was the best helper one could ever imagine, and he always gave me the right tools in the right moment.

How come it gets harder and harder every day to stay awake when I’ve gotten roused every morning?

It really does, the first week it was fine. Of course, I was tired in the mornings then to, but these last couple of days I’ve been getting up to breakfast later and later. But after I stumbled up the stairs in my pink striped pyjamas and had my morning coffee and oatmeal everything felt okay this morning. A couple minutes later I stood on deck with the rest of my watch ready to work for the next four hours.

My watch, 8-12 is the most normal watch compared to the biological sleep schedule and it is not too bad. So, when we climbed out in the net under the bowsprit to fasten the net a bit better. I was not to tired anymore. But the wind was cold and tying knots with bare hands gets hard after an hour or two. Of course, everything went smoothly because of one factor, Johan Wallblom. He was the best helper one could ever imagine, and he always gave me the right tools in the right moment. We had a pleasant time, and those four hours went past pretty quickly. At this moment I was also thinking about what activities to do under the day so I at least would have something interesting to write about in my blogg. I consulted with my dear friend once again and decided on watching a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean with some other classmates later that day. After both watch and lunch I started my daily study session. Writing a chemistry essay about plastic in the ocean was on the menu and after doing that for about one and a half hour of writing me and my friend had a little spa session. We tinted our eyelashes and eyebrows right before dinner, and after we ate our pasta we put on a sheet mask and watched a bit of a show we’re watching together right now. When there was only one hour left until our second watch of the day I took a really needed nap.

For the first time since we left Lerwick I didn’t wear a jacket on the watch, with three warm shirts I was ready to work. Well, I didn’t think I needed to work that much because all the sails where up even though there was just a light breeze and there was a beautiful foggy sunset. Let me just say I was wrong. Our lovely watch leader and captain thought It was a great idea to practice setting sails. So, after we had set the bram they timed us on how fast we could furl it. Let’s just say it took a lot longer than we thought even though the mild weather. The watch was not over after this and after we had made our routinely cleaning we practiced steering with the emergency steering. And all through the night watch we always come up with a bunch of song to sing to the other watch when we’re changing watches. But this time we didn’t just sing songs about the other watch and sailing, we also sang Christmas carols. I must say it really put me in the Christmas spirit in the chilly but calm night.

Johanna Boström


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