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Stormy morning

Somewhere at sea

When a nice and sleep filled morning gets spoiled by sea sickness, you're not that pumped for guard duity but here on T/S Gunilla you have to just deal with it and get outside.

Rain, wind and huge waves woke me up two hours earlier than needed. Because I sleep in the front of our dear boat I hear a roar everytime Gunilla dives and lose balance everytime she tilts to the sky. When I got outside I was greeted by three people throwing up in the gutter, minutes later I joined them. Even though the weather was chaotic and uneven, the current guard was positive that they would manage to hit 8 knots just by sail. As they failed by very little, my guard took on the challange and succeded two hours later after making two more square sails. Sailing is a very difficult when the wind is constantly moving directions because of a low-pressure system so we had to do a lot of maneuvering which took a toll on our hands, they were covered by blisters by the end of our shift.

The best part of the guard system is the wonderful feeling of lying down in your bed and falling asleep. Even though sailing is fun and all, it's what we all look forward to after a difficult shift.

Maya Hinder, amidships watch


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