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Students overboard

Our fourth day at the seven seas started at midnight, by being woken up by Babord. We got dressed up and took our harnesses and lifejackets on.

The sky was dark and the stars were bright and shiny, like in a movie. The seasickness has gone away by now because of how long we all have been out at the sea. It is kind of surprising to step out on deck and not hear someone vomiting anymore.

It was a calm night so our group could start our watch with climbing in the rig, to be more comfortable with the height. As someone who fear heights, is this always something special and scary. When we were done in the rig did we practice some tamps, as usual. The time flew by and our night watch were over, and we could finally get some sleep.

We got woken up at lunch time and ate some food and today we got served chili sin carne, then it was time for our day watch. Work like pulling the tamps, learning new sailing terms and practicing MOB (Man overboard) were on the schedule today.

At 15 o´clock the captain made an announcement to all the students and the crew. He told us that we were taking a bathing stop. All the students and the whole crew were gathered on the deck to jump in the dark blue sea. It was a special feeling swimming in the sea with a deep of more than 4 km. Everyone was happy and excited even though all the students were overboard.

/Vera Logenius


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