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Sunday democratic funday

Today I woke up in a good mood. It was Sunday which meant eggs and bacon for breakfast, a personal favorite.

As usual I enjoyed a way too hot cup of coffee before it was time for watch. The best thing I know is to jump out of bed the exact time I get woken up, because then I can eat my breakfast and change without any stress. So, maybe you´re wondering why Sunday is a funday? The only answer to that question is: no lessons! If we don’t have lessons, we have eight hours free time before next watch, and that is luxury on Gunilla.

Of course, we had the obligatory Sunday meeting at 03:40 pm or as navigating officer Leo says, “democratic time”. By that he means that it’s only on this meeting, once a week, the students have the right to say something about the situation onboard. Otherwise only the crew is in charge. ;). And of course we take advantage of that situation and tell the crew everything we think is bad or want to change onboard. Sadly we got to know that we probably won´t go to Bermuda or the Azores because they don’t allow people visiting anymore. But maybe it’s for the best, fewer stops, faster way home. We need to go to Bahamas though, just to bunker, but we can’t leave the boat during that time. Even if we can’t touch ground, we will probably say to everyone that we’ve visited Bahamas either way. Just because it sounds cool.

And not to forget, today we got a mahi-mahi! I hope the chefs will make something yummy out of it.

Klara, Portside


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